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2008 Hong Tai Chang Liu Bao Tea

Origin: Thailand
Fermented in: 2008
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Tea from the oldest Thai pu-erh factory. The classic Liu Bao, which can easily be compared with the best Chinese samples.

The leaf is large, from old trees.

This Liu Bao had been fermented in a wet heap for 1 year and 2 months before being pressed into cakes. In the aroma of dry tea are soil, wood, and hazelnut shell.

The taste is soft, smooth, comfortable. After the earthy flavors in the foreground, a proficient tea-drinker will easily taste creamy tones that fit perfectly into the overall taste. The main notes, however, are classic earthy and woody-nutty.

Tea easily reveals itself even when brewed in gaiwan and demonstrates excellent resteeping ability. It has soft, almost weightless qi and sates well. Perfect for the finale of a large tea session, as well as a solo drink. Will take its rightful place in any serious collection.

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If you tried the 2006 liubao from TS this one will feel very familiar (I brewed them side by side).
It has a strong taste that doen't die well into the 20+ steep,
there is a lot of chocolate, and while there are similar notes to guanxi liubao, it mostly feels like a good shou,
with good mouthfeel and a strong qi.

High quality material with some age and a fair price.

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