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1993 Liu Bao Hei Cha

Origin: Thailand
Elevation: 1400 m
Fermented in: 1993
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Loose-leaf Liu Bao dark tea (Hei Cha) from 200-300-year-old trees, fermented in 1993. Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand. Altitude is about 1400 meters above sea level. It’s the same place where they were producing famous Hong Thai Chang pu-erhs since the mid-1930s. According to traditional technology, this Liu Bao was kept in high humidity for a year and a half, then dried and put in storage. Since then - and that's nearly 30 years - it has been aging in the mountains, in the north of Thailand.

The tea brews into a soft, almost perfectly smooth infusion. It is intense in aroma and taste. Chocolate-burgundy in color, don't expect the oily ink here, that's not what it's for. At the same time, over-brewing doesn’t spoil its taste but makes it over-saturated.

The mouthfeel is thick, rich, and oily. There are chocolate, hazelnut, pleasant very sweet woody notes, and a little cinnamon.

Despite similarities to ripe pu’er teas, this Liu Bao tea has its own individual bright beauty.

Cha Qi effect: tranquility, relaxation. Our old Liu Bao makes the body light, thoughts weightless, and calm. Only the old tea from the trees can give such soft relaxation.

Reviews (7)

Tasted once. Very nice aroma and taste. Relaxing. Perfect for a comforting evening! Looking forward to furthers sessions with this tea!

This is one of those Chocolate “ripes”,
but unlike some that loose that note after a couple of brews, this one retains it until the end, which was about 20 brews for me..

A cute, fun taste, with plenty of resteeps and a strong qi, with an age that is reflected in the balance..

Definitely worth a try! I'll be buying a bunch soon..

Good Lubao is an old Lubao, here you will have both forest and beehive notes, and moist wood. But Thai tea stands out strongly.
First of all, it is very sweet, it's very tasty!!! Little nutty notes, starch aftertaste, not a dense infusion - and here it is rather an advantage, it is easy to drink. Tried to cook it - it turns out fat, tight and the sweetness becomes even more intense. And the most important, it works just fine, gently collects and gives a good, light Qi.
As for me, one of the best teas for the morning, soft and unobtrusive, sweet to please your receptors, it's easy to drink. Another original product from TeaSide, for which I thank Valery as an indefatigable experimenter.

Quite large leaves of different size and with stalks (for Hei Cha stalks are normal), smell like a dry cellar, old books. Tea infusion is dense, dark ruby color, but you can brew it into "oil" black if desired. The taste is dense, oily, very soft, easy to drink. Reminiscent of the old Shu Puer, but there is a very interesting note - a burning spice of cinnamon! Such "sharpness" and a minor sweetness form the original taste of tea. Its effect is calming, helps to gather your mind, to find inner balance. I can assume that you can drink it at night with no worry of any insomnia.

3.8/70 ml, Zhun hu.

Still, this tea is more like a shou. It feels like you're drinking sweet, pure shou from Bulang. Pleasant coffee bitterness transforms into one of a light wormwood while drinking. Smooth, soft, with a sincere Qi of old tea. Worthy tea, which you can definitely recommend.

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