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Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (Blue Tea)

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: 2021
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Latin (botanical) name of Butterfly Pea – Clitoria Ternatea. The plant is also known as Butterfly Bean, Blue Pea, Blue Tea, Aparajita flower, Conch flower, Sangupushpam (Tamil name).

Clitoria Ternatea originally grows in tropical equatorial Asia, it is widespread in Thailand, Nepal, and Myanmar. Due to the growing popularity of butterfly pea tea as a healthy drink, the plant is now cultivated across the world.

Its flowers are brewed into intense blue-color tea, which turns into purple by adding lemon or any other acids. Being a popular drink in Asia, it is also used as a natural food coloring for rice and traditional desserts. Here, in Thailand, it is usually a cold sweet beverage that you can find at street markets and local shops.

Taste of Blue Tea: The liquor has an amazing intense blue color and the thick brew looks like blue ink. But the flavor is not distinguished. Clitoria has a grassy/vegetable taste, no sweet, no bitter, little bit tart or even astringent.

Reviews (4)

I brewed this tea for my wife in a porcelain pot and asked her to pour the tea herself, then I heard from the next room: "What is that? Why is the tea blue"?! But she liked it, and so did I. A nice tea, a mild and pleasant one. Thank you for I could try it.

The store is great. The support service works. Delivery [to Russia] is expensive for 50g. Track number is trackable. The tea was bought for comparison with what is sold in Russia. Judging by the packaging in our stores there is no such thing.

I bought such herbal tea in a couple of places.
The current one smells simpler: others were more floral-honey in flavor.
But the tea-side specimen has a taste: it gives a little pronounced sunflower meal, and not just disappointingly starchy-potato like the others.
On the second brewing, the taste is revealed more strongly and the difference becomes even more obvious.

I love this tea....amazingly relaxing! And such a pretty blue color! Love.

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