Jiaogulan Tea (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum)

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: 2018
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Jiaogulan (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum) - "Immortality Herb"

Gynostemma (The Chinese and Thai call it Jiaogulan) is commonly used to enhance overall health. It works well against exhaustion and fatigue. Jiaogulan is a major adaptogenic herb - in the same category as Ginseng and Reishi mushroom. But Ginseng, for example, has only 28 different saponins and many contra-indication while Jiaogulan has 82 saponins and almost no side-effects!

Medical reference
Saponins are high complex organic compounds of glycoside nature.

  • Increase secretion of bronchial glands and are used as expectorants and adaptogenic agent.
  • Regulate water-salt and mineral metabolism.
  • Enhance the activity of hormones and enzymes by emulsifying action.
  • Provide an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Cure atherosclerosis - arterial disease, accompanied by the accumulation on their inner surface of fatty substances in the form of yellowish plaques that reduces the arterial aperture.
  • Many saponins are used as diuretics and laxatives.

Japanese scientist have conducted numerous studies into the effect of Jiaogulan on the human organism. Once they've found that many 80-years-old Chinese drink Jiaogulan every day, they decided to investigate the pharmacology of this herb. Scientists have come to the conclusion that the plant contains an incredibly wide range of phytonutrients (vitamins and minerals) that benefit health. It is believed that Jiaogulan slows the aging process and reduces fatigue. It improves sexual function, helps to calm the nervous system and relieves pain.

Sometimes Jiaogulan is called "Southern Ginseng" because it was originally found in the mountainous areas of southern China. Guizhou Province was famed for longevity of its people, as well as low amounts of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It was found that Jiaogulan tea is one of the main causes of such indicators in the region. Today, this plant is also cultivated in other subtropical countries in Asia.

Medicinal properties of Jiaogulan tea (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum)

1. Jiaogulan lowers cholesterol

Gynostemma reduces total CH-cholesterol, LDL- cholesterol and increasing HDL- cholesterol levels. There were more than 20 studies published on this subject, which report on the effectiveness of Jiaogulan within 67-93 %. The herb also inhibits platelet aggregation, which reduces the risk of cerebrovascular accidents or heart attack.

2. Jiaogulan is a good antioxidant

Jiaogulan tea has been discovered to has the ability to reduce the amount of superoxide and peroxide of hydrogen in certain white blood cells. Gynostemma also has the remarkable property of increasing endogenous SOD (superoxide dismutase) in the organism. SOD is one of the most important antioxidants in the body. Studies show that the graphs of SOD level can be reliable indicator of longevity for various animal species. Tests on human have shown that after taking 20mg isolate of Jiaogulan daily during one month, the level of SOD antioxidant returns to the level inherent in young organism.

3. One of the best adaptogens

Jiaogulan tea promotes modulation (self-organization) of nervous system. It calms overexcited areas of the nervous system and stimulates the oppressed. There was conducted an experiment with the participation of three hundred professional athletes. All athletes reported that taking Jiaogulan before competition helped to increase their energy and reaction rate. At the same time, they felt much calmer.

4 . Effective against insomnia

In more than a hundred investigated cases of insomnia, taking Gynostemma was reported to show an improvement in sleeping by 89-95%.

5 . Acts as a modulator of blood pressure

Researchers carried out an experiment involving more than two hundred patients with high blood pressure, which were divided into three groups. One group took Ginseng, the second took Gynostemma, and the third took medication to relieve the pressure (Indapamide). The efficiency of Ginseng was 46%, for Jiaogulan - 82 % and Indapamide showed  93% efficiency. This herb is a modulator of blood pressure. Jiaogulan decreases pressure when it is too high, and increases it in the opposite case.

6. Stimulates the cardiovascular system

Jiaogulan stimulates the heart. Studies have shown that, in combination with some other herbs, Gynostemma can enhance cardiac apical impulse by 37%. Cardiac output, in the same study, increased in average by 21%. Cardiac ejection fraction increased by 13%. Patients had normal blood pressure, which has not changed as a result of taking medical herbs, while heart rate decreased by 10% .

7. Stimulates the production of white blood cells

Jiaogulan demonstrate this stimulation of production of white blood cells in patients who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

8. Is a powerful immune stimulator

This herb modulates lymphocyte formation and increases their activity. Was also found that Jiaogulan possesses the ability to significantly increase the activity of natural killer cells (large granular lymphocytes) in cancer patients.

9. Effective against diabetes

Study of fifty patients with diabetes have shown improvement in their condition by 89%.

10. Effective against hepatitis B

Were conducted several studies, involving from 100 to 200 patients treated by Gynostemma for 3 months. The efficiency was assessed at 87%. Other studies have shown the ability of the herb to protect the liver from various toxic chemicals such as, for example, carbon tetrachloride.

11. Successfully сopes with bronchitis

Were learned about hundreds of cases of chronic bronchitis. The efficiency of taking Jiaogulan was estimated at 93%.

No toxic effects of taking Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (Jiaogulan) have been detected.


How to make Jioagulan tea

For the best brewing Jiaogulan the water temperature should be 80-85 Celsius degrees. Jioagulan tea is prepared in proportion of 1 teaspoon of herb per 250ml of water. Pour hot water into the pot and in 2-3 minutes you can already drink the tea. More brewing time will only strengthen the medicinal properties of the drink. Repeat brewing of Jiaogulan is not recommended, as the effectiveness of this tea is much lower.

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