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Bael Fruit Tea (Matoom)

Bael Fruit Tea (Matoom)

Origin: Thailand
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Dried bael fruit slices for making tea.

Bael is a fruit of a tree (the botanical name is Aegle Marmelos L.) native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. It is also known as Matoom, Bengal quince, golden apple, Japanese bitter orange, stone apple or wood apple. It is present in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia.

The shell of Bael fruit is so hard that you would need a hammer or machete to crack it. Stone apple indeed. It’s covered with a thin velvety skin that resembles a peach and smells peachy if rubbed.

The fibrous yellow pulp of bael fruit is very aromatic. It is described as tasting of marmalade and smelling of citrus and roses.

Matoom is a thai name. Here, in Thailand Matoom tea is a traditional drink (nam matoom). Served both hot and cold it can be found in local street markets across the country.

Thai bael is delicious, sweet, with many fragrant notes. The flesh of fresh bael fruit stretches making marmalade threads. Juicy pulpy slices dry out into “varnished” pieces.

Dried Bael fruit is easy to store. Brew it like any other dried fruit.

Bael Fruit Tea Recipe

5-7 slices of dried bael fruit per 1 liter of water.

The more slices you use and the longer you brew the more intense will be your beverage. Dried bael fruit needs time to infuse.

Boiling method

The easiest way to make a bael tea is to cook delicious and healthy compote from. Place the slices into the pot. Add water and boil for 3-10 minutes on low heat. Then you can cover the pot and let it steep for 10-30 minutes more to get the most flavor.

Brewing in a thermos

Use boiling water and the proportion from above. Steep for at least 30 minutes, but 1-2 hours would be better.

Tea additive

For tea lovers, we also recommend adding 1-2 slices of bael into a teapot with your Shu puer.

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Great thing for brewing with shou puerh: reduce bitterness, if any, and add smoothness and pleasant aroma.

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