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2017 Assam Rolled Organic Black Tea, Loose Leaf

2017 Assam Rolled Organic Black Tea, Loose Leaf

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: May 2017
Elevation: 1200 m
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Loose organic black tea from young Assam tree leaves.

Do not be confused by its appearance, It is twisted in the manner of Taiwanese Oolongs and looks like Hong Shui. But this is a bush of Assamica, which has finally grown up in one of the Thai Oolong plantations.

The taste is soft, milky-floral with fruity notes. The cover of gaiwan gives an amazing aroma of floral perfume. However, in this tea there is nothing from oolong, this is a very true red tea of a good firmness. Due to its semisphere shape, it can be easily packed into vacuum bags and thus stored and undergo aging. With age, the taste will only get better.

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This tea is fantastic
Great flavor very complex and smooth, even the ending 5 infusions its still sweet after glow. I never noticed any bitterness. really impressed with this tea.

Spherical Assam - made in the best tradition of its kind. It allows to flexibly manipulate the result. Put it more or steep it longer - it hit the brutal drinkers, average brewing - it pleases aesthetes. It suits a lot for the tea conversation with dried fruits and natural sweets. I am satisfied with it. Its main feature, in my opinion, is that it is better to brew in a big pot, put more but steep less. Then it becomes brightly calm with a noble smooth and velvety taste.

Ball rolled red tea from Assam bushes from Tea Side
Soft, even, slightly tart and spicy, with a light sourness and woody notes. The infusion of an average density, beautiful, dark amber in color.
A good companion for such a rainy day as today in Rostov.
Pleasant and not intrusive, an interesting alternative to the reds from Yunnan and Fujian.

Very fragrant black tea.

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