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2018 Ruan Zhi Black Tea gr. A, Loose Leaf

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2018
Cultivar: Ruan Zhi (TRES #17)
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Black tea from Ruan Zhi Oolong leaves.

Tea captivates with its freshness and softness. It is very carefully oxidized and roasted, so the infusion is of oolong amber color. This black has an oily flowery taste, with cherry tones. There is no acidity or astringency. You can brew it for as long as you want or even boil it - the taste will become denser, but excessive astringency will not appear.

Reviews (3)

Very nice red tea. Oolong's raw material is immediately felt, reminiscent of some Taiwanese oolong. Tea is soft, fruity-flowery, with delicate astringency. It relaxes and soothes gently.

I mistakenly wrote a review on the 2016 premium version,
which now I have to try since this one is so good!

this is a rich and engaging black tea, and If you like Taiwanese black teas than give this one a try,
as here too you can feel the oolongy origins and complexities..

a very nice tea, and I usually keep to my puers and oolongs :)

This is in line with what I expected, both on sight and smell. I anticipated something close to, say, a Taiwanese black tea (like Ruby 18), and that’s what it mimicked. The leaves are long, full, plump, dark red-to-brown, and gave off a scent of menthol and sweet butter. In all but one measure, it resembled an Ali Shan strip-style black tea I favored.

The liquor colored dark amber, but far softer than most Taiwanese inspired black teas I’ve come across. I think the lighter brew color had something to do with the fact that whole leaf material was used. Nothing appeared broken up. The aroma was also not very black tea-like. I didn’t detect malt, wood, or any of the other usual suspects.
On the flavor front, both the intro and top note didn’t give off much nuance, other than one word that appeared in my mind: “smooooooth”. Yes, with all the extra “O”-s. The aftertaste and huigan was where the true identity of this black tea came through. Sweetness and custard-like creaminess remained long after the sip.

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