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2015 Hong Tai Chang Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

Origin: Thailand
Elevation: 1300 m
Fermented in: 2015
Producer: Hong Tai Chang, Ming Dee
Availability: In Stock
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2015 Ripe Pu-erh tea of Hong Tai Chang brand from Ming Dee Thai factory.

Most of the trees are 200-300-year-old, grow in the natural habitat, 1300 meters above sea level.

The taste is harmonious, balanced, traditionally soft and pure, without extraneous flavors. In dominant, there are baked apples, tree bark and light notes of prunes. Surprisingly pleasant fruity aftertaste, like of a good old Sheng. But despite this, the tea gives classic thick opaque infusion when brewed. You can brew it many times like all "Thais". And you'll be glad to see beautiful, still whole steeped leaves.

State after drinking: alertness, attentiveness.

Reviews (3)

I’m new to drinking Pu- erh.. for the past month I have tried a few different types. I started mainly for health benefits. This 2013 Ripe HTC is smooth on my palate. It has a warm depth of colour. This earthy clear clean welcoming red has a soothing, calming yet very focusing effect. I love drinking this tea. I wish I could buy more.. but it’s no longer available.. what a great find for the start of my Pu- erh Tea drinking journey with Beautiful Ancient Trees.

Bbetween this and the 2012, this one is the winner, as it has a more interesting taste.
besides that, the share many similarities that are superior to factory ripes-
strong and defined taste is , a thick mouthfeel, and much better longevity than a standard factory ripe.

the caveat it shares with the 2012 is that they are both shadowed by the quality of the top ripes from Tea-Side,
but that is to be expected from the price difference.

A good daily drinker ripe!

It haves the exact aroma and flavors that I love from ripe puerh, creamy, fruity, sweet and a bit woody.

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