2015 Silver Needle Tea Baihao Yinzhen

2015 Silver Needle Tea Baihao Yinzhen

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: spring 2015
Elevation: 1300 m
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White tea Silver Needle (Baihao Yinzhen) from northern Thailand.

Tea aroma is caramel sweet and floral, with hints of mint candy and light smokiness. Sweetness easily passes from aroma to the taste. In addition to flowers and honey, fruit notes appear in the taste, in which you can identify the peaches.

Infusion is pleasantly soft and mellow. This tea is not capricious, it can be brewed as you like and still come out delicious. However, if you exercise due care, Thai white tea will be able to give wonderfully rich, dense, bright, but at the same time, delicate beverage.

White tea can immediately give an idea of the climate, soil and the specificity of the local variety - that is the easiest way to determine the natural tea "handwriting" of Thailand. Since these needles were collected from old, large trees (note the size of the buds) and haven’t been fixed by high temperature, this tea is ideal for long-term storing and aging.

Just start to brew this aged white tea and feel how the buds give out a thick and mild infusion and it seems that they can be brewed an infinite number of times.

An interesting note: due to its long-term aging, by the taste properties this tea resembles very expensive varieties of yellow tea.

Reviews (2)

Probably, It's my favorite tea from Tea Side, and it's definitely my favorite white tea! Actually, I’m not a fan of white teas at all, but this tea captivates me completely. Very easy-drinkable, light and intense at the same time. Its taste is pure, with a lot of flowers and some spices. Excellent!
P. S. I kept leaves overnight after drinking and brewed again in the morning - I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and had few more cups.

Incredibly beautiful leaves: bold, elastic, velvety and olive-golden. The aroma of dry and steamed leaves is thick honey and slightly smoky - can’t stop smelling it!
The infusion, as expected, is very light and due to the late evening gives an unexpectedly pinkish tint in room light. The taste is light (honey-sweet and floral) and dense at the same time. Great tea!

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