2016 Moonlight White Tea

2016 Moonlight White Tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: 2016
Elevation: 1200 m
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Moonlight is made from a special kind of old Thai trees with a sweet caramel flavor. The age of the trees is 300-500 years.

This white tea has also another name, it is often pressed into cakes and called "white pu erh". This tea is excellent for pressing and long storing, because it is made from old large trees and doesn’t undergo the temperature fixation.

The aroma of tea is sweet, rich in floral-fruity undertones. The taste is rich, floral, caramel-fruit. The sweetness of the fragrance easily passes into the taste. The infusion is soft and velvety.

The tea is not whimsical to brewing and really easy drinking.

Reviews (2)

Classical moonlight white :) Excellent combination of white tea and sheng puer. Worthy and long enough.

Very soft and very fragrant. No roughness and smoke. Non-overbrewable. Sweetness remains in the mouth and on the tip of the tongue. Acts gently and powerfully. I like it even more than the more expensive "needles."

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