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Light Green Tea Cup, 200ml

Light Green Tea Cup, 200ml

Origin: Thailand
Volume: 200ml
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Capacious ceramic tea cup, light green-jade color matte glaze.

Material: Mix of Thai dark and white clay.

Volume: 200ml
Diameter: 95mm
Height: 72mm

Please note. These products are handmade and each of them is one of a kind. Actual items may slightly differ in color and glaze pattern from the one in the picture. If you are concerned about this, write to us and we will send you photos of the items that are in stock at the moment.

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The cup quality is great! Solid, but elegant and give you a sense of well-made unique clay teaware. I use it for my shou Pu'er tea sessions - the cup keeps the liquor temperature good and is ideal for 100-150 ml brews.

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