1993 Thai Aged Raw Pu-erh Tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: 1993
Elevation: 1200 m
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Loose-leaf 1993 aged raw (sheng) pu-erh tea from Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand.

Classic old tea of dry or semi-dry storage, which Malaysia or Thailand can boast. Momently gives a dense dark-ruby infusion while brewed (see fast steeps on the photo). In the taste, there are hazelnuts, sweet spicy wood notes, and dried fruits. Feels soft, oily and silky on the throat. Deep taste and long, rich oily aftertaste leaves no doubt that the tea is made from very old trees material, there is even no need to look at the leaves, even though the leaves impress with their beauty.

Its Cha Qi deserves a special attention. If you have some puer experience, you’ll be guaranteed to get drunk. By its power, this tea can compete with the best samples of Lao Ban Zhang pu-erhs. The effect is deep, sedative. The body boundaries dissolve into oily emptiness, the movements become soft, and the mind calms down.

This tea pleases with its great re-steeping ability. 7 gramms confidently hold two liters of water. Make a 1,5-hour brake, put aside matters and enjoy the tea. Don’t plan anything serious for later.

Reviews (2)

The aroma of the heated leaf: chen xiang (the smell of antiquity, aged tea aroma), Brazil nut, a dry tree. The aroma is rounded, noble, not obtrusive and thick enough. Brewing it with be boiling water. Rinsing infusion is clear. No signs of leaf destruction, no fleece. Leaves collected with stems. warmed up by the tea cha hai smells woody and fresh, like a sea breeze, I can almost hear the creak of old schooner tackles.
The infusion is very unusual, reminds me of Lubao, but there is a bit of sheng bitterness. The tea makes me drunk. From the first bowl, thoughts started to creep into the corner.
The aftertaste sparkles. Kuwei’s in the most gentle manner. There is a lot of body in this sheng that should be drunk with your body, but at the same time, the tea didn’t lose his taste properties.
From the middle brewing, the tea warmed me up. Intoxication’s slightly moving, coming over and over again. As for me, there is something marine in all well-aged strong-bodied shengs.
But then this tea began to go younger. From the steeping to steeping, it began to manifest walnut, light wormwood, sweetness. Boiling water was repeatedly turning over the pages of its life.

7 grams / 140 ml, Zhu Ni teapot. Water: mineralized osmosis, 95-98 degrees.
Fast steepings, started from 5 seconds and then little longer.
In taste there is an old tree and old furniture. At first, it felt just woody. With the following steepings, there’s added a lot more: a barely noticeable sweetness of dried fruits, walnut partitions, all in semitones.
The taste changes faintly. A rich palette of scents and tastes is present until the end. Very mild infusion. I drunk it easily and with pleasure.
The energy is soft and very powerful. Does not excite, does not make drunk, does not shoot in the head. More like a powerful tide of the North Sea, when the flow quickly blows everything in its path.
Already with the second cup in my head is cleared up and thoughts flow slowly and detached. Attention is unfocused, peace and tranquility are all around. At the same time, there is no noise in the head, no dizziness. The mind is clear, everything unnecessary has blown away. In a word - goodness.
Tea is resistant to brewing. I poured 1.5 liters through 7 grams. The last steepings were 4-5 minutes long.

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