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2018 “The Sky in Buckets. Tibetan Yak” Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Winter 2018
Trees' age: 300-500 y.o.
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“If you are empty, the sky will fill you.”

This is perhaps our most “working” young sheng pu-erh. It is sweet, powerful, juicy and not too expensive, because of its young age.

For this cake, we have selected the best sweet-leaf batch from the old trees from our favorite hillside in Chiang Rai province. Among the candidates were harvests of 2017 and 2018 of different seasons. The winter harvest of 2018 won, even ahead of spring 2017. It happens with old trees.

About the taste: apples heated by the summer sun, yellow plum, pear, honey meadow flowers, milk candy.

The effect: a wave of smooth and soft relaxation, with a clear mind.

The cover designed by a Russian artist from St. Petersburg, Irina Verner

Reviews (5)

Bouquet: Deep earthy fruity with thick layers of windfalls especially ripe nuances of apple like pickled or baked plus a very distinct atmosphere of dried figs and raisins with further aspects of old leather wrapped books within an ancient library infused with hints of camphor. Its whole atmosphere is like an anthem about Autumn with its fallen colored leaves, wet earth, moss and mushrooms plus a cracking fireplace in the solitude of being whole with your inner voice and nature.

Liquor: The liquor is thick and creamy pungent with deep rooting notes of Autumn leaves, sweet ripe fruits like former name dried figs, raisins and windfall apples baked in a grandma style oven over a cracking fireplace while everything now has such an amazing sweet bourbon vanilla pudding theme to it. Very long lasting and masterfully composed.

Sweet and cloudy-milky. It's still a bit unruly as it is a young sheng, but it definitely has potential.

This sheng has a medium mouth-feel.
Mouth feels dry with a slight tartness.
A little floral with a sweet after-taste.
I would prefer this sheng to age longer.

good sweet old-tree puer:

I was surprised that I wasn't able to taste anything different from it being a winter harvest.
The most pronounced feature is the sweet taste, and the mouthfeel is as good as any good spring gushu.
Many steeps and nice qi.
If you like sweet puer try it out!

Baked pears, honey, dried herbs, sourness inherent in plum, and apples. I never felt such sweetness in such amount in shengs.
This is one of the best and most beloved shengs. Thanks for this find.

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