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2022 Silver Needle Tea Premium, Big Trees

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: spring 2022
Elevation: 1300 m
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The first impressive thing about this white tea is the exterior. Fat, furry needles, with a thick middle. I’ve never come across this variety before. For comparison, 2016 Needles are long and thin, with a less dense coat, and this is how most of Thai Silver Needles look like.

The aroma of washed tea is bright, vanilla-candy.

The taste has a floral melody on the foreground and then moves to peaches, strawberry and plum gum, and vanilla candy. The flowers that come to mind are plumeria and daffodils, but you can probably recognize something else.

The beauty of the dense and rich, yet refined tea body that's what impresses me most about this tea. The way its taste palette is masterfully assembled from floral and fruity shades into something charmingly delightful.

The aftertaste is light, floral-peachy.

Soft and smooth infusion easily, weightlessly passes through the throat. The foam in the cup is motionless and stable, which indicates a large amount of polyphenols and confirms my thesis about the smoothness and richness of the tea.

Please use the softest possible water so as not to miss the subtle high notes. The temperature can be any, from 80 to 100ºC. These Needles don’t afraid of boiling water, so use whatever hot you like without hesitation. The exposure is also up to you, I tried making it both ways, quick steepings, and hard over-brewing. By the last method, tea turned out very dense, but not too bitter.

If you manage to get to the bitterness, you’d also notice a powerful returning sweetness.

The Cha Qi is soft and makes you feel weightless/floating, which is perfect for a quiet thoughtful session.

To sum up, this is a truly ceremonial, meditative white tea of collectible value.

Reviews (3)

Nice Silver Needle Tea
I preferred brewing a few times gongfu and mixing the first 4 steeps when compared with a more western style of brew. The first steep was more earthy and had a flatter vegetal taste close to that of basil. The later infusions (all with boiling water) brought out a more rounded flavor profile with sweeter honey and floral flavors that were present in the scent of the dry tea.

dry leaves have very nice strong smell of honey.
i do gongfu brewing and it amaze me how many relatively still strong infusions even just 3 grams can do, i didn't count but i think i sometimes do even over 5 infusions from same leaves. the taste is nice and smooth, but need to use very neutral water to really taste those subtle notes.
when i tried to experiment with mineral water, it turned out terrible, but that's my fault, mineral water not good for most of teas.

Rating: Western brew - 6/10, Gongfu brew - 8/10, Cold brew - 10/10
It performed well in all three ways, but cold brewing turned out to be the most striking. The taste is very balanced, rounded, the aroma is rich and exemplary. During hot brewing, water defects in the flavor and aroma appeared, you really need to take the most neutral water. The infusion is clean, the needles are solid. The overall impression is 8.5/10. Definitely worth to try.

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