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2016 Silver Needle Aged White Tea Ancient Trees

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: spring 2016
Elevation: 1000+ m
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Aged white tea is a rather rare tea in itself. Aged needles are even rarer. Aged needles from trees with an average age of 300 years are, without a doubt, a unique tea. I'll take it upon myself to prove it also with the facts of organoleptic.

The aroma of warmed tea is sweet with the scent of vanilla. On the palate, mint vanilla takes all the first attention. But brew it stronger so that the infusion sparkles with amber, and the taste will show an amazing mix of peaches and mangoes. This unique melody is a result of specific Thai old trees’ material being combined with years of careful aging.

In addition to tropical fruits, with age, sandalwood tones appeared in the needles, a tart, pleasant woodiness. To say that this tea is satiating is to say nothing. It is able to make the day.

A little about water. Please use the softest possible water for this tea (and for any light ones). Don't be afraid of the blandness of reverse osmosis. Let the tea create the whole bouquet of taste by itself, fill the neutral water with polyphenols. You should not force delicate tea to fight with a plume of salts and sodium flavors. This is my subjective opinion, formed over the years of constantly tasting all kinds of tea.

You can steep it endlessly. The stamina is five out of five, which is not surprising: old trees growing in the forest, in biodiversity. Nobody fertilizes them or sprays them with anything. But this is not a wild tea, in the sense of a variety. These are quite sweet cultivated trees.

The tea is easy to drink. The polyphenol-rich infusion provides a smooth and soft sip.

Cha Qi effect: relaxation, satiation, meditative calmness, cheerfulness, gentle attentiveness.

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At first, the fragrance is a feeling like sitting in a wooden chalet, in a coniferous forest high in the mountains, on an early summer morning. The smell of resin, pine needles, warmth, wet soil, ferns. The dry tea smells of vanilla and white chocolate.
The taste is a bitter grassy freshness with a honeyed aftertaste.
I smelled the same in the bathhouse. In general, it felt like I was drinking tea in a steam room at home, even bringing a tear to my eye.
This tea is not about the taste, but about the feeling: warm wood, pine, resin, fern...

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