2020 Si Ji Chun Premium Oolong Tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Feb, 2020
Elevation: 500-700 m
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The earliest, February 2020 harvest of Si Ji Chun from USDA certified organic plantation. This oolong has an amazingly delicate, lively floral-fruity perfume melody and thick oily vanilla mouthfeel that stays on the throat for over an hour. It steeps endlessly and gently relaxes throughout the session.

There is an opinion that organic tea is inferior in density and intensity of taste to tea fertilized with inorganic. In my humble opinion, Si Ji Chun from this plantation is the best in Thailand, despite its being 100% organic. This is the earliest possible harvest - February 2020, which of course contributes to the uniqueness of this tea.

2020 Si Ji Chun Oolong Loose
2020 Si Ji Chun Oolong Steeped leaves

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