Black Tea

What is black tea

Black tea is a highly oxidized (sometimes called fermented) tea. The oxidation range of black tea varies from 50 to 90%. In China, this tea is called Red tea or Hong Cha because of the liquid tea color. Read more...

Black tea can be made from any camelia variety tea leaves: bush of assamica, old and big tea trees or oolong bushes.

The Black tea producing technology consist of four stages: leaves withering, rolling in rollers, fermentation for 3-12 hours (depends on the variety and traditions of the region), drying (fixing) in a special cabinet or under the sun. Thai black teas from old trees are fermented for 9-10 hours. Less...

Aged black tea

Please note, the names of our black teas begin with the year due to its ripening abilities. As well as Pu-erhs, black teas perfectly mature with age. Aged black tea can have a very deep taste and incredibly powerful effect on the body.

Black tea benefits

Black tea tones up the body, activates blood circulation, lowers cholesterol, burns fats, and freshens the breath. The high content of tannin promotes the healing of damaged mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. Read more...

In addition, black tea is a natural antidepressant that relieves irritability and stress, leaving a sense of peace and inner comfort. The Chinese say that it "raises the heat in the heart," that is, it warms the body and gives a sensation of warmth in the soul. Black tea is especially useful for the "cold" type of people (susceptible to cold, with fast fatigue and drowsiness). And for everyone else - this is the best choice in the cold season! Less...

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2016 Old Trees Black Tea Medium Oxidized N1
This black tea is mildly oxidized. It has flavor of fruits and fresh buns. The taste is smooth and dense. In the dominant are fruits with light notes of bread crust, cloves and chocolate candies. Choc..
Size: 50g
2016 Dian Hong Black Tea Old Trees
Strong black tea from 300-500 years old trees. These trees are growing in the wild forest and tea is 100% organic. High quality material. Chinese Dian Hong tea technology applied. Dominant taste is ..
Size: 50g
2017 Old Trees Black Tea N3
Black tea from 100-300-year-old trees, the highest quality material. ..
Size: 50g
$8.50 $7.00
2017 Ancient Trees Black Tea Sun Dried
Black tea from old Thai trees of winter 2017-2018 harvest.Made by a unique technology: oxidation of twisted leaves goes while drying in the sun. It has a bright and delicate floral taste. Holds infusi..
Size: 50g
2017 Ancient Wild Trees Black Tea N5
Black tea from a small tea farm in Mae Hong Son province. An unusual variety of ancient tea trees (200-700 years). The trees of this farm are growing in the wild jungle forest among other trees in the..
Size: 50g
2017 Ancient Trees Black Tea N6
Classical black tea from the old tea trees of northern Thailand. In the strong taste of this tea you can find dried fruits, light caramel and floral notes. Inexpensive, economic, organic tea. With age..
Size: 50g
$8.00 $6.00
2015 Ancient Trees Black Tea N6 Aged
This is black tea from 100-300 years old tea trees that grows in the north of Thailand. USDA Organic certified. It possesses bright floral flavor in which especially clearly can be traced tulips. In..
Size: 50g
2014 Aged Assam Black Tea
Red tea from young assam trees, the age is about 60 years. This black tea possesses light fruity-berish aroma. The taste is rich and dense with a predominance of buns, bread and light fruity note..
Size: 50g
2016 Ruan Zhi Black Tea Premium
In the taste of tea there is cherry, cinnamon, buns and a whole bunch of spices. At the same time, tea is distinguished by softness and density. This tea is made from a valuable and capricious Ruan..
Size: 50g
2018 Ruan Zhi Black Tea, gr. A
Black tea from Ruan Zhi Oolong leaves.Tea captivates with its freshness and softness. It is very carefully oxidized and roasted, so it is brewed into an infusion of oolong amber color. Has an oily fl..
Size: 50g
$12.00 $10.50
2016 Jin Xuan Black Tea gr. A
High grade Black tea made from Jin Xuan oolong bushes leaves. High mountain tea from 1400 meters. This tea has a delicate and subtle aroma of biscuits and fruits. The taste is slightly breadish and..
Size: 50g
2016 Jin Xuan Black Tea Strong Roasted
Strong-roasted Black tea from Jin Xuan oolong leaves. High mountain tea from 1400 meters.Due to pretty strong fire this black tea has some similarity with Wu Yi Shan Oolongs style. The aroma of rinsed..
Size: 50g
2016 Assam Burmese Black Tea gr. B
Assam Black tea from Myanmar (Burma).This is an inexpensive and simple black tea for daily use. It is pretty well roasted, but not enough for be treated as high-fire tea. The foreground taste is domin..
Size: 50g
2017 Assam Rolled Black Tea
Black tea from young Assam tree leaves. Do not be confused by its appearance, It is twisted in the manner of Taiwanese Oolongs and looks like Hong Shui. But this is a bush of Assamica, which has fina..
Size: 50g
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