Brief (few seconds) steeps in 90 Celsius water.
Liquor is a clear amber brown in color, similar in look to cognac or whisky.
Taste is bold and woody, rather like a shou puerh, with a long clean finish and no bitterness.
The aftertaste is earthy sweet with major notes of damp wood and a touch of dried prune and sweet spice.
Mouthfeel is somewhat dry and sticky, encouraging salivation.
Wet leaves are brown-black in color hue with stems, giving off a sweet woody aroma.
The cha-qi is there and it slowly warms you up and leaving you in a mellow state.
I've been drinking this tea all day with the same brewed leaves and this old sheng withstands many consistent infusions.

A terrific tea for its money, its most outstanding aspect is a very strong and pleasant Qi, relaxing and warming from the inside. Very reminiscent qi of the 1980s wet storage sheng. The taste is certainly pleasant too, there are notes of Sheng 1980 (dry storage) and HTC 1988. In principle, as such minuses tea has no, it is a very good position and is definitely worth the money. The only thing is except that as far as I understand this sheng has a some of fermented leaves, but maybe this is even a plus, because the tea is great. Just can say that the resistance to spills is not very big, through 5g honestly spills a liter of spring soft water (hardness less than 1 mg / eq, I get the water myself), and another 200 ml I poured through a empty leaf to drink tea one hundred percent. But this also can not be called a minus, because this tea already gives a powerful condition literally after a couple of spills. I once drank an old Taiwanese laochawan that brewed 32 times after holding 3 liters of water, but it didn't give that condition.
All in all, it's what you need if you want something older than 2004 sheng, but don't want to pay too much.

I've had the first session with this tea and I confirm the description of the qi, which is sedating and arrives quickly. After this, the tea has nice aroma, interesting mouthfeel, and a great steeping ability. After an evening session with +- 10 steepings, the tea continues to deliver the morning after easily, still with shorts infusions. The leaves are interesting, with two distinct colors. Taste wise, I found a slight betel aroma, liu bao-like.
Very nice.

This is my favorite aged puer from TS, since I like it only slightly less than the '88, but costs almost half (though they are decidedly different).
In my setup, it takes it 2-3 brews to fully open up, but from there on it's 20+ steeps of great aged tea.
Delightful old taste of wood anŠ² leather, strong lively qi, oily thick mouthfeel..
I bought a bounch and will surely buy more in the future.

a must try!

Remarkably dark in brew and notably powerful in energy, an excellent tea.
Dry nose; old books, earthy geosmin, peppery capsicum, paprika, savoury cured meats, baked sweet potato and a balsamic note. On rinsing, the wet nose explodes in new aromas; more earth, antiques stored in a dusty wooden attic around old books, parsnips, cherry tomatoes, coffee, canesugar, cinnamon, hazelnuts, cigars and loose tobacco, popcorn and brown bread. You might start to see a pattern with these older aged teas, something akin to preparing strange foods in abandoned houses in the forest.
The tea is medium-bodied with silky mouthfeel and almost silty texture, moderate earthy tannins, a long finish and overall what I might call very smoove. On the palate are old books after a rainstorm, old wood, dark chocolate, hazelnut, betelnut, rye sourdough bread as opposed to simply brown bread, various root vegetable, compost pile, minerality and peppermint. The energy was strong, grounding and energising. I decided to start the tea session around 8pm and this was maybe a bad move. Suffice to say, I struggled with sleep that night. This might ideally be drunk after a big, hearty, carb-coma inducing meal to fight the lathargy.

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