I got this tea as a gift to my last order.
Black Tea with a warm, homogen structure, slight sweet, like a broad spectrum of extremely perfect crafted black Tea.
The taste is unique, that you recognize this broad new taste, without any distraction.

I usually had the Oolong tea from this Ruan Zhi cultivar (TTES 17) but people have been processing it into black tea, perhaps due to the demands in the market.
The aroma of the tea when dry is musky and yet fruity - pretty and yet manly aroma.
Aroma of dried berries and spices can be traced from the dry leaves. The initial taste of the Ruan Zhi Hong Cha is honey sweet, spiced, and fruity tangy.
Notes of dried cranberry, maraschino cherry, golden raisin, cardamom, cinnamon, hint of star anise, fennel, and honey can be tasted in the liquor
The after taste is medium; sweet like dried cranberry, honey, and cardamon.

Pleased me a lot, I expected much less from this tea. The aroma is bright, juicy, the tea smells sweet. Soft, with fruit notes, perfectly balanced. This tea is noticeably better than similar red Taiwanese oolongs, which I've tried. Apparently due to the fact that for Hong Cha Taiwanese take a cheaper material and not from the most successful harvest.
The effect is very good - slightly relaxing, but not "blurring." Perfect for the evening or in the afternoon.
Alexey Vlasov, The Art of Tea, St. Petersburg

Bright, intense and steady, 4g / 120ml, 7 steeps. The honey-sweet note of taste reminds of bug-bitten Taiwanese reds, but there is also the taste of roasting, like that of dongcongs. Spicy, slightly fruity, on the last steeps almost perfumed flower-fruit taste. Not rough, but not soft either.

5.2g \ 100ml, Fangu. The smell of a heated teapot: prune seed, fresh pine wood, dried fruits, cherry bark. The aftertaste is soft, pleasant, without distortions. There is a barely perceptible sourness in the final steepings, but it is absolutely harmonious. The tea itself is quite dense, the taste is moderately mild. Off the beaten track, I would say, like Hong Shui Oolong. The taste profile is similar to Hong Shui tea of strong fermentation. Withstood 8 infusions. Great tea!

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