The smell of dry leaves: coffee, cinnamon, cocoa beans.
Rinsed: coffee grounds, strong spicy flavor.
The color of the liqueur: oily-topaz, with a glow of gold amber. The transparency is very high.
Smell of liquor: KOPI LUWAK coffee with cream. A few confectionery tones.
The taste is quite complex, soft-coffee-creamy. Tones of coffee, cream alternate with truffle-cinnamon, creating a comfortable-spicy sensation, peace and lightness in the oral cavity. There is no dryness and acid, there is a slight coolness and salivation.
The body of tea: oily, velvety, light-cloudy, light and pure.
A plume of a bowl: coffee-sweet, cinnamon-chocolate, intensive enough.
Summary. Good tea. Not exquisite, but clean, honest and tasty. I like such wise calm teas.

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