5g \ 90ml Gaiwan.
The smell of preheated gaiwan is “anthill” cake, milk, cottage cheese, fried pike perch.
Infusion of dark color, thick and pure by taste. It is easy-drinking, with mineral, broth aftertaste, nourishing. In general, the shou itself is rich and dense. While drinking, the memories of a recent trip to the Karelian forest arose: we brewed shou, drank it with milk. It was hearty and tasty. Now with this tea I feel the same effect, but without milk added.
There is absolutely no tartness and bitterness. Heavy. Very dense. The aftertaste is oily. The fragrance is composed, woody. From steeping to steeping, it goes very smoothly, literally unchanged. It feels never-ending. I wonder, what will happen in the final. Aftertaste is blooming: mineral water, sugar, umami like of chicken broth.
Summary: dense, nourishing, soft and smooth. I was even a little surprised by the density. Finished quickly and without transformation, just came to naught. Need to note the leaf, it practically did not steam out, and it remained to lie on the bottom of the gaiwan (a good indicator, it speaks of a small amount of moisture in a live leaf and delicate processing). The shou itself left several thoughts. Personally for me, it is very dense, even and smooth. Perhaps, It will gain some sharpness and taste diversity after storing for 6-12 month. I think this tea has not said everything yet.

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