Fired up the 3rd (final) session of my sample of 2018 "Raspberry Black Pine" ripe before getting to some yard work today. . .
The aroma was creamy and smelled a lot like slightly underripe raspberries, later woody tones turned up.

The taste was somewhat bitter, but even when my spout got clogged and it oversteeped a good deal, it was not overpowering. Actually the stronger, thicker steeps were my favorites. Flavor was also smooth, creamy and sweet, raspberry is very present in first steeps. I didnt notice so much the pine, but the mouthfeel was oily and thick. The later steeps reminded me of the flavor a lot of the ripe thai teas from @tea_side end on- woody and grain notes. A very dynamic experience!

One of my favorite ripe teas, for sure.

a very good ripe, and the most dynamic one from TS as it changes constantly with brews.
it takes it 2-3 steeps to open up, but from than on it's full strength while changing faces.
like the 0101 this one is obviously in the "berries" camp, so I'm in agreement with the description about the raspberry notes.
as usual with TS ancient tree ripes material, you have nothing to worry about regarding longevity, mouthfeel and the qi (which is strong and relaxing),
just put your gongfu pants on and enjoy!

The other reviewers have done a fine job of describing this tea's taste, which is remarkable. I will only say that this artisanal shou pu er is more pleasant than so many of the 'traditional' and 'reputable' shous out there. Too many high priced shous still taste like they need further aging. This tea is refined as is. It withstands multiple steeps and it stimulates without inducing anxiety or sweats, like other bracing pu ers. This is a craft shou and a must try for serious shou drinkers.

Your shu puerh sample you send is amazing... haven't had shu in a while cause i got bored but this one just takes it to another level...
Very potent if i can say that, smooth but very strong, love the tingly feel in the mouth and strong body reaction, even only after the 2nd brew i can already feel a little drunk...
Will for sure get some of this for myself.

I do love shou pu-erhs, but this one is really hot. Very pleasant. Soft, with an incredible and with completely untypical for "average" shou richness of the taste, absolutely terrific gourmet tea. After that example, no one can say that shou pu-erhs are simple taste teas :)

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