raw puerh from 1000-year-old tree in myanmar gives a green plum-like aroma and a sweet after taste, while its mild qi makes my head feels light after many steeps. i’m feeling calm and sleepy.

Wonderful opportunity and fantastic taste profile from 1st to 6th steep thus far. Long elegant leaves, and a deep plummy scent to the dry that translates to a softer more ripe plum in the wet. Will be featuring this tea in a article soon.

Absolutely beautiful sheng with a pronounced effect. At first, I did not expect at all what would happen next. Soft and pleasant taste, very soothing and harmonizing. Brilliant :)

The elusive sourness, smooth, energy soft but powerful, tenderly captures.

8,5gr. / 150ml. I drank on Saturday morning, wrote a review, but a sudden thunderstorm made me put some corrections. Bottom line: I'm writing a new one. The sheng is odorous. Ripens in its own pack. It is still as light and thin. Qi touches some fibers, nets and covers with a silk veil. Difficult pu-erh, I made the same conclusions like half a year ago. Very thin from all sides. By the taste and the aftertaste and the energy. The Chinese love it for that. This one specifically and other teas of this profile. They are generally more sensitive by somehow than the Europeans. Such they are, these Asians.
I will continue to drink and observe it. Gradually, this world of wild teas from old trees, these shengs, these reds, are captivating me. It may seem like drink, think and go, but no. The subtle net pulls me back to the tea and again I want to taste it. Such we are, the Europeans)

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