This sheng has a medium mouth-feel and a pronounced sweet after-taste.
A fruity sweetness with no bitterness or astringency whatsoever.
Tastes a lot less green than I expected, and there's smoothness to it.
A pleasant and easy tea to enjoy in a copious amount.

I bought this based on the reviews I had read about it.. it does give a wonderful charge with clear focus.. very special feeling especially knowing it’s from 1000 yr old trees. I feel blessed to have experienced the Lord of The Forest.

A unique tea among other yesheng is a truly strong compliment, since wild puer is already so different and diverse, but this tea is indeed that unique.
That gamut of tastes this tea produces is unbelievable, with some you really rarely see, like tomatos, and it really depend how you prepare it,
so this tea will probably take you some time to figure out how you’d like to brew.
But it’s an interesting challenge, and a rewarded one.
Try it out!

Beeswax, dried fruit, incense, Old wood floors in the kitchen, floral with some very light buttery sweetness.
Velvety throughout the mouth.. wow
Too good
Just mild enough to sit out here on the balcony and feel the freshness of the new cycle. Small rays of sun gracing us with their presence...

Reminded me of a different puerh I've tasted that sells for 4x the price. I don't think I would have been able to tell the difference in a blind tasting.

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