The opened pack gives out a bright aroma of fresh tropical fruits.
In rinsed tea fruits gain strength and sweetness, honey and spices are added ( steamed leaf aroma reminds me of Oriental Beauty). In the taste there is a lot of fruit, tea is very soft being oversteeped still has no bitterness or astringency. The aftertaste is pleasant - after a few seconds the spicy sweetness fills the mouth and lasts for a long time. With further steepings sharp spices turn into unobtrusive floral tones, fruits hold to the end.
Tea will appeal to both, black tea lovers and oolong fans since it combines the best qualities of both kinds.

This tea is as described exactly, warm and bready and floral with no astringency. Has the most wonderful odor coming out of the bag. My favorite teas prior to this have been Oriental Beauty oolongs and this fits right in there. I have been trying to find a tea my husband will like and no luck with any Dong Dings, Puerhs, other Oolongs until Red Tea Jin Xuan! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be able to share this with him!

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