Dry leaves emanate honey sweetness, barely perceptible mint freshness and light berry sourness. All this wealth goes directly to the taste. The infusion is very rich, sweet, with a palpable berry sourness ( I am reminded of red currant aroma), creamy milk and light spicy (like of wormwood) bitterness and woody tartness. All this gradually turns into a pretty long aftertaste with clearly noticeable mentol. In middle steeps, the spice becomes sweeter, closer to rosemary, and fresh astringency reminds of the aroma of a fresh-cut young pinecone. In the later infusions there is a lot of astringency and bitterness, but at the same time, an infusion gets amazing milk softness.

interesting sheng, yet did not understand what tastes it has, but it is uniquely good, everything in moderation, astringency, and bitterness, an interesting aroma.
something elusive honey-apple-milky.
and the main thing is a good aftertaste from the first steep.
something like a wild yiwu.
and, in general, the "Unicorn" as well as this pu-erh - they are both similar to the Chinese
such a mixture of naka, wild yiwu, and wulian xian, but in a brighter performance.
a mineral-sweet aftertaste!

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