The smell of dry leaf is dried-fruitty and peppery with muted wood-smoked and mint notes. The rinsing awakens a tranquil aroma, which you should listen attentively as quiet music - here is a little of dried fruit, a little of bread and quite a little apothecary. The color of the leaf is dark with a purple tint.
Infusion color is bright and absolutely transparent. Flavor, as well as aroma, is soft, there are dried fruits with some bitter taste. But this seeming simplicity is deceptive, the strength of this puer is not so much in its taste as in the instantly appearing aftertaste, which envelops the entire oral cavity and almost materializes. When inhaled, a clear menthol cold appears.
The tea is drunk easily, in the latest steepings derivatively from dried fruit shows an apple note.

First, the aroma, which is very unusual for the sheng, floral tobacco, like of an expensive cigar. And the second is taste, it is dense and full, pronounced tobacco, turning into plum fruit.
This pu’er is easy to drink, after each cup it would be still desirable))
The scent of plums and dried fruits comes from the pot.
The mood is very balanced and cheery
Steeped leaves is a pity to throw! ;)

My first acquaintance with Thai raw pu-erhs I decided to do with this cake.
I used meltwater, very soft, a teapot made from Jian Shui clay, I like it more than Yixing.
So, a teapot with a volume of 200 ml, 12 grams of tea. In a dry warmed pot there is a smell of dried raisins and few spicy herbs. Washing the tea gave a bit of a tart smell, like a Dominican cigar and a powerful smell of dark raisin kish-mish.
The second steep strengthened all this! There was a feeling of something mysterious, wild in a good way, as if you are in a misty wild forest and around you are lianas and silence. And in the subsequent steeps the feeling of wild forest remained - great! I do not remember this even with the best examples of HAI LANGA. I have a lot of experience with Bu Lang, Bing Dao. THIS TEA IS NOT WORSE! And this pu-erh is different! Tea slips easily in the throat, there is Hui Gan. In many different pu-erhs there is no feeling of wild forest, but here there is!
The color of the liqueur (which with further straits became more like old amber, almost completely transparent) can be admired for hours! Yes - it's better to drink such a sheng pu-erh not in the city, but somewhere near a river with a waterfall!
When I was throwing away the leaves, a powerful plume of black steamed raisins once again appeared. Shen survived more than 10 steeps, could have more, but I'm already drunk!
Associative series: the clouds are floating fast, over the wild misty forest, nothing breaks his peace!
Summary: an excellent tea for a thoughtful long tea party. Would put 6 stars!

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