4,5 g / 90ml teapot. Pleasant, dense, qualitatively aged. Muffled by time cigar bitterness and absolutely pure, cognac color infusion. Good sheng for drinking, when you do not need to concentrate and ponder. Relaxes consciousness by its own being and energy. This tea is not for every day, but it surely deserves to be in the tea card.

Good sheng. Compared with 0802 doesn’t have such a powerful flavor. In taste and aroma, there is nothing superfluous. The whole mouth is wrapped in the taste of a good tea. I drunk this tea, I looked out the window and happily noted how everything around rejoices in life - clouds, leaves of trees, light, etc.

6 grams per 120 ml. gaiwan, 1 washing steep - 3 sec., further steeps 3-5 sec.
I opened the pack with the sample and exclaimed "Wahahhhh." I mean it, everything was exactly as I'm describing: a very rich honey aroma burst from the foil pack. The exact association is candied honey and dried apricots.
The dry leaf is rather heterogeneous - different shapes and colors of leaflets. By the way, it seems to me that 2005 is a bit exaggerated.
When brewing, the same persistent aroma of honey remains and ... you know, I was fed as a child with one compound to grow taller: honey, dried apricots, raisins, walnuts, something else. So the aroma of the brewed leaf exactly repeats the smell of such a composition.

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