Good sheng. Compared with 0802 doesn’t have such a powerful flavor. In taste and aroma, there is nothing superfluous. The whole mouth is wrapped in the taste of a good tea. I drunk this tea, I looked out the window and happily noted how everything around rejoices in life - clouds, leaves of trees, light, etc.

6 grams per 120 ml. gaiwan, 1 washing steep - 3 sec., further steeps 3-5 sec.
I opened the pack with the sample and exclaimed "Wahahhhh." I mean it, everything was exactly as I'm describing: a very rich honey aroma burst from the foil pack. The exact association is candied honey and dried apricots.
The dry leaf is rather heterogeneous - different shapes and colors of leaflets. By the way, it seems to me that 2005 is a bit exaggerated.
When brewing, the same persistent aroma of honey remains and ... you know, I was fed as a child with one compound to grow taller: honey, dried apricots, raisins, walnuts, something else. So the aroma of the brewed leaf exactly repeats the smell of such a composition.

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