Very good tea. Tastes of apple and oak flavors. I would recommend.

This loose semi-aged sheng is on par with the other mid-2000 HTC cakes,
which is to say it is great!

It is also very similar, and share the beautiful aroma and the fruity plummy flavor notes
(also, good relaxing qi and high longevity)

In differs in some ways, such as saline background notes, which remind me of the excellent TS '93 loose,
and generally a different feel.

I like it :)

This tea is a lot more about the mouthfeel and cha qi, but there are some unique flavors that come from this tea. I tasted a lot of fermented pears and apples that was accompanied by a strong pungency in the back of the mouth. Towards the middle steepings it was very bread pudding like with the pungency smoothed out a lot more and the mouthfeel becoming a lot more apparent. In the end was sweet mineral water with some dark chocolate sort of vibes. The mouthfeel was strong until the end and created a calming sensation throughout my body and mind.

"Male character". Strong but kind and caring man. Stable all the brews long.
Associations: oak barrel, tiramisu, tobacco leaves. Much more interesting after the 5th cup. It is easy to drink. But, different by the "vibrations" in the taste from the ones of the classic shengs. This tea has its own part, its own role. I would say that this tea plays in a different genre. But its play is very worthy.

4,5 g / 90ml teapot. Pleasant, dense, qualitatively aged. Muffled by time cigar bitterness and absolutely pure, cognac color infusion. Good sheng for drinking, when you do not need to concentrate and ponder. Relaxes consciousness by its own being and energy. This tea is not for every day, but it surely deserves to be in the tea card.

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