In dry form, the aroma of the leaf is pleasant, deep, sweet. There are some confectionery notes. I feel that the tea is not simple. And in general, all the flavors of this tea are good. In serving pitcher it is fragrant with flowers, this smell is stupefying. Piala smells light sweetness at first, and then sea freshness.

The main thing in his taste is butteriness, and that this can be understood only by trying a tea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis level. Herbaceous floral notes combined with this oiliness and create a flavor profile of this tea. It should be noted that it varies considerably from steep to steep, to feel these metamorphoses - a separate pleasure.

In my opinion, Ruan Zhi is the brilliant of collection of oolongs of this site. The tea is always brewed well. I gave it the name "Selfish". This tea you want to share only with yourself and the closest people.

The smell from chahai after the first steep immediately speaks about the nobility and versatility of this tea. Milky-vanilla notes, coupled with a rich floral bouquet, do not allow to fill it with water again, you want to breathe a little more from gaiwan and only then make a new steep.

Depending on the water and its temperature, the taste and aroma of the oolong can vary significantly, but it will always be interesting. It will always vary from sweetish-vanilla-milky to soft-mineral, tart walnut with a rich aftertaste on the tougher. In the same sequence, it changes with increasing water temperature.

Qi is soothing, relaxing. An excellent version of evening tea.

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