5 grams per 120 ml. gaiwan, 1 washing steeping - 10 sec., further steepings 3-5 sec.
The dry leaf is large, dark brown in color. The aroma is very rich - sweety-sweet, honey, similar to a candied watermelon, light notes of dried fruits and dried apricots, especially after steaming in a gaiwan. The smell of sweetness is so direct and strong that you really want to brew tea faster to understand the taste.
The taste, however, does not result in such a strong sweetness; on the contrary, it is very balanced, rounded, dried fruits compote, lightly with tobacco. Today in the morning I had a sandwich breakfast with the strong-brewed Greenfield "Magic Yunnan". So the aftertaste is similar - strong straw tartness, as from red tea. Meanwhile, tartness is quite pleasant. Very mild infusion, easy-drinking, despite the astringency.
The aroma of the brewed dry leaf is still that pleasant. Now it replaced by a smell similar to the Jiu Jin Long cakes. I do not know what kind of fragrance it is, but it is very characteristic, so some medicines (menthol?) smell.
Verdict: definitely good sheng. Perhaps not the most refined, not the king of the transitions of taste and different shades and complex aftertaste, but soft and rounded, cozy.

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