Got as a sample. Very, very soft sheng. And it also acts the same, softly relaxes ..

Very ambiguous puer. Brewed it in JIAN SHUI, 200ml, put about 10 grams.
The first steep did not bring anything special, it even disappointed me a little. The second steep produced more definite flavor and taste. On subsequent steeps, raisin-prune notes began to appear, a little dried black pear. Such a restrained tea. After the third steep, I began to feel more Hui Gan, mostly under the tongue, slightly at the root of the tongue. Tea withstood 9 full steepings and began to descend into a watery liquid.
Pressing: the cake is very tight, I had to work with an awl.
Cup smell: raisin-prune-pear, a little bit slightly woody.
The color of liquor: dark, noble, such as of 12-15-year-old sheng puer.
The taste of liquor: here is interesting. I have a lot of old Chang Tai shengs puers of 2001, 2000, this sheng is very similar in taste, but slightly different, with its own handwriting. Such an "old man" with a gray beard.
Steeped leaves: I had a lot of tattered leaves and stems, color is completely dark, as it should be with an old man.
CHA QI - strongly invigorates, makes the head easy, collects and concentrates thoughts.
Summary: worthy of its price tea, better to put 12-13 gr for 200 ml. And you can it wash twice.

Cooked it yesterday... Only after three hours, I felt like I want to get up from my chair)

Since I somehow more into the young pu-erhs, so I will say unequivocally that it is very mature tea, many different notes that I "hear", but cannot identify. When oversteeped, falls in a light beetroot but remains pleasant without rough bitterness and astringency. The cake is beautiful, leaf to leaf, it is easy to break, smells like a watermelon peel!

3.5 grams for 150ml. Steeping time: rinsing-1-3-5 minutes.
1 infusion: Sweet aroma of compote from quality dried fruits (possibly Thai), dominated by pear. The taste is pleasant, follows the fragrance. My thoughts: "Is this sheng?".
The smell of warmed leaves is a very tasty mix of dried fruits. In the aftertaste is a sticky-sweet "caramel" palate.
2 infusion: the flavor is weaker, the taste too, I drunk it with pleasure, sweetly caramel taste.
3 infusion: drank it :-)
I liked the tea, close to Wu Yi oolongs, but with Thai sweetness.

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