Cooked it yesterday... Only after three hours, I felt like I want to get up from my chair)

Since I somehow more into the young pu-erhs, so I will say unequivocally that it is very mature tea, many different notes that I "hear", but cannot identify. When oversteeped, falls in a light beetroot but remains pleasant without rough bitterness and astringency. The cake is beautiful, leaf to leaf, it is easy to break, smells like a watermelon peel!

3.5 grams for 150ml. Steeping time: rinsing-1-3-5 minutes.
1 infusion: Sweet aroma of compote from quality dried fruits (possibly Thai), dominated by pear. The taste is pleasant, follows the fragrance. My thoughts: "Is this sheng?".
The smell of warmed leaves is a very tasty mix of dried fruits. In the aftertaste is a sticky-sweet "caramel" palate.
2 infusion: the flavor is weaker, the taste too, I drunk it with pleasure, sweetly caramel taste.
3 infusion: drank it :-)
I liked the tea, close to Wu Yi oolongs, but with Thai sweetness.

Awesome tea, a real aged sheng. Yuan Nian means "old years". And I have a strong suspicion that unlike the 2006 Ming Dee Hong Tai Chang, this one is only pressed in 2006, which is already so far away. But was composed earlier, much earlier.
And for the first time in my ten-and-a-half-year experience of drinking Sheng Pu’er, I meet tea, which feels older when brewed than the cake looks.
Outwardly we see a cake from the leaves of black color, but with a flavor of about five years of aging. Dates, prunes, everything, as it should be. Slightly there is a vegetable note. The cake is delicately pressed, it is possible to disassemble literally into leaves.
The brewed tea has the color, aroma, and taste of a good Hei Cha. It is smooth and dense. It does not bitter, even overbrewed. It pleasantly heats the stomach.
The tea bottom is literally a song. I had several samples from the Yunnan Pu’ers of the 90s. So here the tea bottom is very similar to them. It turns out, Thai from 90's? Good!

I really liked this pu-erh. Easy-drinking, unusually easy, actually. Dried fruits, flowers, and resin were intertwined in my cup into a marvelous dance.
Very pleasant tea drinking turned out. I'll have some more of this wonderful tea with pleasure.

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