This sheng is more floral than fruity, but very light in taste and aroma.
I get dryness on my palate. No bitterness, but not much of an after-taste either.
Wet leaves smell faintly of burnt dried green fruit.

Apparently, pu-erh has undergone significant changes over the past 4 years, since the aromatic characteristics do not correspond to the description on the site.
In the scent, I found the smells of a moist spring green forest, pleasant grassiness, pounded fresh linden leaf, green hazelnut. Fruit and dried fruit are missing. From steep to steep, the grassiness gradually fades away, the pleasant aroma of fresh mushroom comes to the fore. (this is not mushroom soup or raw basement).
On the palate at the first steeps of medium strength, pleasant astringency, sweetness. It is easy and pleasant to drink. Long tart aftertaste enveloping the tongue.
The state of the body is mild, philosophically pacifying, light but not weak. When moving, vigor is felt.
I liked the tea: high quality, soft, stable and delicate.

a sweet and thick raw,
a very cute tea!

This is what I would consider a daily drinker sheng,
as the price isn't too high, and you get all the qualities you'd look for in ancient trees puer.

If you like this look out for the ripe version, as I think is even better!

I just tasted this puerh.
It renders red berries, strawberry in a very first infusion followed by the sweet floral note.
The texture turned smooth and sweet.
Congratulations and thank you for keep making fantastic tea.

The very case when youth is good for a good sheng puerh. Excellent sweetish-floral aroma, laced with berry notes. The cake is easily disassembled - beautiful raw materials. Bright, clear, transparent infusion with a pinkish tinge. The taste corresponds to the flavor. A large potential for improvement with aging is likely.

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