I find myself can only love the taste and the feel of old Sheng Pu Erh, so when this one arrived I was very interested to try it asap - however, I was very busy and the internet situation was not compliant at all!
So, right at this moment, I am writing it as well as tasting it!
The tea is better slow boiled (or steep it if you can maintain constant heat in the brewing vessel) and requires a bit of reviving as it has been aged for over 30 years.
The color of the liquor is deep maroon, very nice and clear color with the sweet woody aroma coming out of the tea.
The taste and the aroma is mellow and mature, wood, roots, spice, and age dried fruit.
Some may argue that the taste of this tea reminds them of dried cranberries, but I think it is much closer to Angco / Hong Zao or Chinese Red Dates.
The woody aroma is closer to teak wood, cooling camphor in the throat but the nuance in the body is warm and comforting.
Notes of roots similar to licorice (or perhaps red sage roots) last for some time in the throat.

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