I drink it on special occasions, not in any way in a hurry. It has such an effect that it can both cheer you up and make you sleep well, at least in my case, so I drink it when I don't have to rush anywhere today.

Warmed leaves smell tropical and sweet, but the liquor comes out as dark as shou. Bitter dark chocolate at the start, rich and thick. The tea revealed itself in layers, as the dark notes slowly wore off and led me to the tropics promised by the initial aroma. Warming and gentle grounding energy, very satisfying in a way that felt more like rich meaty soup than a tea.

Not many teas I've tried have started off like a dark chocolate shou ended as tropical flavor candies. One of those tea adventures that can only come to us with as a gift of time, quite a ride.

From the get go this is a genuinely aged sheng- the aroma, taste and mouthfeel are all decidedly OLD.
Rich and complex, thick, sweet, good qi and endless steeps.
It is priced appropriately though, so if you can afford it it is highly recommended.

A truly aged ancient trees puer!

Valeri from @tea_side gave me a pack of his 1988 HTC Sheng PuErh last year.
I halved the puerh, I drank one straightaway and I let other one rest and aired to try later.
So yesterday I drank the aired half of the PuErh.
After airing out, the tea has reacted with the weather in my tea room.
It develops deeper notes, it turned darker than it was, and the true taste of the tea has been clarified.
Lots of earthy flavors to be found with ripe hawthorn fruit aroma and reminiscence of aromatic resin.
The first that came to me was dried licorice and rhubarb, then came along the ginseng like flavor, dandelion roots, and some other sorts of dark Ayurvedic herbal concoction.
The camphoric and resin like aroma lingers for a while, cooling sensation also can be felt in the throat.
The tea last for a long time too, the Qi was medium: it warms up the body as necessary as it can be.

I am saving the 1988 sheng for a special occasion, since it is the oldest puer I've ever had. I was pleasantly surprised that two other 15 gram sheng puer samples were unexpectedly included, a 2006 and 2014. I did try the 2006 and found it exceptionally good. Apparently China is not the only country that can produce good sherng puer. I had no idea until I read a blog about Tea Side.

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