Drink this tea already 2 years and I think it’s tea has a best balance

Good shu. No obvious care in the woods, no wet rags or peat.
With a slight note of?.. camphor? - some aroma that intrigues the sense of smell.
Clean, soft, calm. Profile: nuts, I guess.

This is the second time I've taken this tea. This time for a friend. His feedback: I liked the tea very much, fragrant, holds spills, yet very mild to the taste. We drink it in the bath, it has a very strong effect!

Such a drink of a Pu-erh aristocrat - nothing superfluous, light and pleasant taste.

This has the classic characteristics of a Chinese shu, both the warming effect which I seldom notice in shus lately, and the change in the flavor profile with each steeping. Later steeps yield hints of Chinese date. Overall this tea's most outstanding quality is an uplifting qi. It's a feel good tea suitable for everyday drinking.

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