I love Shou PuErh as an evening tea, this one screams dark cherry when I tasted it the 1st time, then raisins, and black berries.
Less wood more roots, full bodied and long stamina.
Withstood very hot brewing nicely and has good vicosity.
Sweet after taste similar to Ninjiom Pei Pakoa, a traditional herbal cough medicine that has nice and delicious flavor :)
This one I find very sweet, I like it! The chaqi is also nice and warming.

I don't have that aesthetic knack for describing tea, especially the way this tea is described in its "description", but I will say that I received this as a sample along with a different cake I'd purchased, and wow, it makes a very smooth, dark and thick brew, cup after cup. For me, this tea is more subdued in terms of flavor, but does have a subtle, almost honey melon-like note finish. This ripe puerh has incredible stamina (probably the most striking feature of this tea), as stated in the original description in terms of resistance to brewing. I'm glad I had my gongfu session on an open Saturday afternoon, because this session just kept yielding cup after cup. The ancient tea trees are for real, and Tea Side is a treasure for that.

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