Very nice, balanced white tea with sweet honey notes and a calming heady feeling. A tiny bit of astringency that leaves a juicy feeling in your mouth. Definitely a recommendation.

Very solid white.
In the last purchase, I somehow did not highlight it, but 8 months have passed since then - probably, the tea itself has become more mature since then :)
There is also the taste of white tea, and a note of dried fruit, and something from aging, such an intriguing one. And there is no astringency, irregularities / roughness.
I'll take it on occasion.

I found the tea-db video on point (as usual)
This is a classic "Old Arbor" Moonlight White, so sweet, fragrant, suitable for different types of brewing, and tasty!
I very curious about how it will age, as I only have experience with aged Gong Mei, and Thai puer trees seem to age splendidly !

Very tasty Yue Guang Bai. This type of tea is one of my favorite. Aroma and taste are very rich and deep. Don't afraid to make experiments with different types of water and you will find the best result for you.

Classical moonlight white :) Excellent combination of white tea and sheng puer. Worthy and long enough.

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