Aged Tea

From what age can tea be called aged?

There is no single rule. Some people call teas aged when older than 10 years, some when older than 15 years. We decided to put in this special section all of our teas older than 20 years. This is an uncompromising option. More...

There is a saying that goes: a beginner drinks tea with his mouth, an advanced tea-lover drinks with the throat, a tea master with his body. Aged tea is especially proper to drink with the body, when the organoleptic properties move to the background, and the energy or Cha Qi is more in the foreground, when tea is perceived holistically, like a magic elixir.

Imagine that you are Alice in Wonderland picking up a cup that says “drink me.” How will you drink this tea? Most likely, very carefully, listening to the sensations in the body - where it will take you to. Less...

Not every tea becomes better with age

Another very important aspect is the quality of material and processing. It often happens that a weak, plantation material loses its properties after long-term storage. All Thai Pu-erhs are made from the material of old trees, so our aged teas show incredible stamina, dense taste, and a powerful effect on the body.

Storage aspects

When buying an aged tea it is very important to know whether it was well-stored. Sometimes, in pursuit of antique rarities, sellers expose tea spoiled by improper storage, where white mold densely adorns the cake's surface. They add an extra 10-20 years to its age and increase the price, passing off the mold as nobility. And we’d better say nothing about the taste here. More...

We take the appreciation of old tea seriously and taste it carefully. We sell only the ones that we drink with pleasure ourselves. Thai storage can be compared with Malaysian, although in some samples it can approach the traditional Hong Kong results. Less...

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1980 Thai Aged Raw Pu-erh Tea Wet Storage
This raw (sheng) wet storage pu-erh tea has been aging since 1980. It was made from Thai old tea trees material, Chiang Rai province. Thai storage all the way long including wet period. Exterior of..
1988 Yuen Neun Hong Tai Chang Aged Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake
The original old sheng from the famous brand Hong Tai Chang. Delivered directly from the warehouse of the factory, where it was produced and stored since 1988. It’s already more than 30-year-old pu-er..
1993 Thai Aged Raw Pu-erh Tea
Loose-leaf 1993 aged raw (sheng) pu-erh tea from Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand.Classic old tea of dry or semi-dry storage, which Malaysia or Thailand can boast. Momently gives a dense dark-ru..
1996 Hong Tai Chang Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake
A unique aged shu pu-erh from an old Thai factory that makes tea according to the traditions of the famous brand Hong Tai Chang. The material from trees aged 200-500 years. By the way, a real HTC cann..
1990-91 Thai Aged Raw Pu-erh Tea pressed
The batch of this tea goes without a cover, so we don’t call it Hong Tai Chang, although the sheng was made at one of the very old factories in Thailand, which has been working under the Hong Tai Chan..
1995 Lao Qing Xin Aged Oolong Tea
A thick, deep taste with a rich aroma of cherry, chocolate, sweet red apples. Velvety aftertaste of aged tea with cinnamon and bark notes. Lao Qing Xin (Chin Shin) Oolong is very unusual tea. In addi..
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