2018 Loose Sheng & Shou “Raspberry Black Pine” Pu-erh Tea Set

Origin: Thailand
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Weight: 50g
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Two types of Thai pu-erh teas, raw and ripe, from the same material. The harvest of spring 2016 from 300-500-year-old tea trees. A set of 2x25g packs in wicker bag.


Raw pu-erh is not yet on sale as a separate product in our store.

2018 Maocha from the same trees as our 2014 sheng “Fox”. However, unlike in his older brother, here are not much strawberry jam, dried apricots, and dates in the taste. But plenty of berry caramel and fresh tropical fruits. Soft and thick infusion, wonderful brewing resistance.

Material from ancient, 200-700-year-old trees imposes a responsibility, it would be very pity to spoil such tea. We believe that shou turned out worthy.

Shou (Ripe) pu-erh

2018 "Raspberry Black Pine", fermented in September 2018. In the taste is an interesting interweaving of coniferous oily tones with raspberries and dairy. By the 3-4 infusion, sweet woodiness and almonds appear. Aftertaste has pine and walnut tones with a slight bitterness.

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