2016 "Dragon" & 2018 "TEASIDE 0101" Pu-erh Tea Set

Origin: Thailand
Availability: 2-3 Days
Weight: 50g
Reward Points on purchase: 5 Details

A set of two pu-erhs of different types, raw and ripe, from the same material. The harvest of 2016 from 200-400-year-old tea trees of Thailand. Two 25g packs in wicker bag.

Sheng (Raw) Pu-erh

2016 "Dragon" has a bright sweet aroma dominated by tropical fruit. The taste reminds of jam and dried fruits laced with floral notes.

Shou (Ripe) Pu-erh

"TEASIDE 0101" has been fermented in March 2018. This shou withstands many infusions. It’ taste is smooth and rich dominated by woody tones with coniferous hints and a milky-berry flavor.

It comes in two kinds, loose and tea heads (cha tou). Add a note to your order which one you prefer.

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