2010 "Dreaming Bird" & 2018 "TEASIDE 0302" Pu-erh Tea Set

Origin: Thailand
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Weight: 50g
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A set of two types of pu-erh teas, raw and ripe, from the same material. The harvest of 2010 form 200-300-year-old tea trees of Thailand. Two 25g packs in wicker bag.

Sheng (Raw) Pu-erh

2010 “Dreaming Bird” already seems pretty aged by the appearance and aroma of dry leaves. Infusion is deep, almost dark amber in color. Dried fruits are in the taste. At the same time, it has sweet fruity notes typical for young tea.

Shou (Ripe) Pu-erh

“TEASIDE 0302” fermented in February 2018. Tastes soft with sweet woody-nutty notes laced with fruits and lotus root. With aging, the woodiness gives out the barrel whiskey taste.

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