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2007 Ming Dee Hong Tai Chang Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: 2007
Elevation: 1300 m
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Semi-aged raw pu-erh tea from the Ming Dee factory. Among other Thai 2000’s pu-erhs, this one is a completely original tea with a unique flavor profile. Amazing how they achieve such a strong difference in taste, their pu-erhs are always so crazy herbaceous.

On the palate, there is a dense mix of medicinal herbs (St. John's wort, mint, oregano, etc.). Imagine them hanging in bundles in the attic. Sweet freshly cut meadow forbs: clover, wildflowers, hay. Mint-citrus notes. Wet, sweet wood - teak, sandal. Leather harness. The tart juice of a freshly cut branch. Minerality.

The aftertaste is long and oily, with herbal bitterness and the aroma of almonds.

The infusion is easy to drink and satiating. This tea requires total immersion. The stamina of the material is amazing, so prepare for a long session.

Cha Qi promotes a powerful meditative state, we guarantee a pleasant flow.

Brief information about the nearest pu-erh siblings:

YN HTC 2004 is the classic Thai pu-erh. The oldest factory. “Hong Tai Chang” as the whole world knows it. Woody and fruity.

2006 HTC 0802is the most intelligent Thai pu-erh. Made and sustained in the tradition of YQH with the melody of Yi Wu material.

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Brief steeps (5-10 seconds) in 90 Celsius water.
Liquor is almost clear with a golden caramel in color.
Taste is clean, mellow and herbal, with a sweet aftertaste that has a woody note.
Mouthfeel slightly sticky with no astringency nor bitterness.
Wet leaves are dark brown in hues with stems, giving off a mildly sweet herbal aroma.
The cha-qi is felt, mild at first but gradually develops some intensity, making me feel sleepy and eventually warmth.
The flavor intensity starts to mellow down by the 7th/8th infusion, thus best to do a longer steep from here onwards.
A longer steep (30 seconds) gives a more pronounced woody sweet aftertaste.

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