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Dong Ding Oolong
excellent quality tea, some of the best I have had, flavour is incredible, very rich, this is my ...»

Andrew Elward, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 25/10/2013
Clitoria ternatea
Great packaging! The flowers are very cute and produce a great looking brew. ...»

Margarita Magana, Norwalk, United States, 26/03/2014
Si Ji Chun
Thank you, Valerii! ...»

Judi Markert, Mentor On The Lake, USA, 13/05/2013
Ruby Oolong
once again some of the best tea ive had, delicious, high quality, multiple infusions, so many fla ...»

Andrew Elward, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 25/10/2013
Jin Xuan Oolong
Great packaging! I've never had oolong before and this tea really piqued my interest to try more. ...»

Margarita Magana, Norwalk, United States, 26/03/2014
Asian Ginseng
Shipped on time and was as described in listing. ...»

Tim Dell, London, United Kingdom, 18/02/2014
This was shipped quickly to Canada. It is very good tasting and I feel good to drink it. ...»

Robert Barteaux, Winnipeg, Canada, 06/03/2014
Gui Fei Oolong
Thanks for this very interesting tea. I love making oolong tea in a glass pot so I can watch the ...»

Robert Barteaux, Winnipeg, Canada, 10/04/2014
Chin Shing Oolong
beautiful light refreshing floral tea, excellent quality, some of the finest tea i have had, deli ...»

Andrew Elward, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 25/10/2013
Ruby and Jiaogulan
Thanks for a great products! ...»

Alex, Moscow, 30/04/2013

Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Harvest time: 2016

Thai Green Tea Powder made of Roanji Oolong leaves in the style of Japanese Matcha tea.

Appearance: Lightly fermented powdered green tea.

Growing Region: Tea villages in Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand. 1400 meters.

Thai Matcha has a delicate floral flavor with a slight tartness that is inherent in green teas. The tea fills with freshness and vigor. Perfect for tea parties, as well as for cooking (cold drinks, ice-cream, bakery etc.).

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