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Andrew Elward, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 25/10/2013
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Margarita Magana, Norwalk, United States, 26/03/2014
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Andrew Elward, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 25/10/2013

Roanji (TTES #17) Oolong Tea #AA

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Harvest time: spring 2016

Oolong Tea №17 (Roanji, Ruan Zhi) #AA

Growing Region: Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand, 1400 metres. Hand-picked high mountain oolong.

Appearance: Lightly roasted, lightly fermented, hemisphere shaped.

Taste: Fruity-sweet tender taste, little bit salty with light smoke tones, oily, smooth aftertaste.

Let me introduce this tea to you by describing my cupping (testing).

This oolong amazes from the very beginning. First, it has irreproachable appearance, as well as his burmese relative.

Next, its sweetness. When I rinse a gaiwan with hot water and warm up the leaves I feel a typical sweetness of thai tea. And while chinese teas and many thaiwanians and burmese are mostly floral, thai teas have usually fruity-sweet flavour.

Then rinsed tea begins to wonder. In addition to the fruity notes of this oolong, light saltness and smoke savor appears in its taste and smell. And I must say, this is a very pleasant unusual savor. It adds zest to this Roanji. With the saltness smooth oily scent is shown up. It's hard to describe the main fragrance of the tea at this step, there are many fruits, tropical mix...

First steep. The taste is very mellow, velvety, fruity - the fruits are lightly salted. Then steady fruity-berry smooth aftertaste. Tea cup smells very sweet.

Second steep. In addition to the previous flavours there are berry candies. And now oily savour is even on my tongue and lips.

Third and next steeps. I gradually increase the temperature and exposure. The taste is constant: fruity-berry candies. Smooth, oleaginous mouthfeel. Light floral tones appear while the salthness disappear.

State after drinking: It is one of the few oolongs that fills with tangible, but soft energy. This oolong does not stimulate but sates, soothes and calms.

This Roanji oolong is not too simple. The tea requires all the attention on yourself, It also requires a certain amount of experience and practice.

Valerii Levitanus

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Customer reviews on Roanji (TTES #17) Oolong Tea #AA

This is one of the best teas I have tasted.

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