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Andrew Elward, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 25/10/2013
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Tim Dell, London, United Kingdom, 18/02/2014
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Judi Markert, Mentor On The Lake, USA, 13/05/2013
Gui Fei Oolong
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Robert Barteaux, Winnipeg, Canada, 10/04/2014
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excellent quality tea, some of the best I have had, flavour is incredible, very rich, this is my ...»

Andrew Elward, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 25/10/2013
This was shipped quickly to Canada. It is very good tasting and I feel good to drink it. ...»

Robert Barteaux, Winnipeg, Canada, 06/03/2014
Jin Xuan Oolong
Great packaging! I've never had oolong before and this tea really piqued my interest to try more. ...»

Margarita Magana, Norwalk, United States, 26/03/2014

Gui Fei Oolong Tea

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Harvest time: 2016

Gui Fei Oolong Tea from TTES #17

Growing Region: Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand. 1400 meters.

Appearance: Semispherical hight mountain oolong, bitten tea leaves, lightly roasted, medium fermented, hand picked. In dry leaves Gui Fei can be recognized by the white bloom on the buds in rolled balls. That is why it is also called as Bai Hao oolong (White bloom oolong).

Long ago, the legend says, one tea farmer had left his fields, he had extremely important, urgent matter appeared and so he couldn't care properly about the plantation any more. As a result, his wonderful oolong garden had been attacked by an enormous quantity of green flies. Almost all the leaves had been bitten and had began to turn yellow. Nevertheless, he couldn't allow himself to abandon producing tea and continued to harvest, proceed and make his oolongs. To his great surprise, the oolong that had been produced from the yellow bitten leaves had very strong fruity fragrance. As it has turned out, bites of the cicadas had caused leaves and buds fermentation to begin and so sweet floral tones had appeared.

Gui Fei Oolong or also known as Oriental Beauty Oolong is produced exclusively from the leaves that undergo green wings cicadas bitting, usually in the period of june-july. In Thailand farmers consider to be a great luck when the flies come back to their gardens next year. They're trying to keep plantations as natural as it possible, don't spray bushes and don't use chemical fertilizers trying not to frighten away the insects. So this variety is supposed to be organic by itself. That is why Gui Fei Oolong is quite expensive. Middle size plantation can provide farmers with leaves for only 30-40 kilos of the tea.

Because of growing demand for Oriental Beauty Oolong some chinese farmers has begun to offer quite ordinary tea under the pretence of Gui Fei. You hardly be able to enjoy a nutmeg (muscat) fragrance of real Oriental Beauty brewing such tea. 

Should be notice that Gui Fei oolong is a near relation of a famous Taiwan Peng Feng Oolong tea. Sometimes they call it Champain oolong. Peng Feng in Taiwan is not rolled into balls, it has longt wisted shape, and is heavy fermented. But white tea bud must present in any Oriental Beauty.

Taste: Rinse a pot with a boiling water, put there 5-8 grams of Gui Fei, cover up for few minutes. Then take a sniff. It's not brewed but its sticky, thick and sweet fragrance is already gaining in strength. You'll be amazed by the potent aroma and a wide spectrum of tones. Honey, forest berries, flowers... you can find almost everything. And now you can washout the leaves and begin your tea ceremony. The taste is rich yet complex. Take a delight in this unique unforgetable flavour of Oriental Beauty Oolong!

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