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Jin Xuan Oolong
Great packaging! I've never had oolong before and this tea really piqued my interest to try more. ...»

Margarita Magana, Norwalk, United States, 26/03/2014
This was shipped quickly to Canada. It is very good tasting and I feel good to drink it. ...»

Robert Barteaux, Winnipeg, Canada, 06/03/2014
Ruby and Jiaogulan
Thanks for a great products! ...»

Alex, Moscow, 30/04/2013
Chin Shing Oolong
beautiful light refreshing floral tea, excellent quality, some of the finest tea i have had, deli ...»

Andrew Elward, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 25/10/2013
Gui Fei Oolong
Thanks for this very interesting tea. I love making oolong tea in a glass pot so I can watch the ...»

Robert Barteaux, Winnipeg, Canada, 10/04/2014
Dong Ding Oolong
excellent quality tea, some of the best I have had, flavour is incredible, very rich, this is my ...»

Andrew Elward, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 25/10/2013
Asian Ginseng
Shipped on time and was as described in listing. ...»

Tim Dell, London, United Kingdom, 18/02/2014
Ruby Oolong
once again some of the best tea ive had, delicious, high quality, multiple infusions, so many fla ...»

Andrew Elward, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 25/10/2013
Si Ji Chun
Thank you, Valerii! ...»

Judi Markert, Mentor On The Lake, USA, 13/05/2013
Clitoria ternatea
Great packaging! The flowers are very cute and produce a great looking brew. ...»

Margarita Magana, Norwalk, United States, 26/03/2014

Roanji (TTES #17) Oolong Tea #AAA (Burma, 2200m)

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Harvest time: spring 2016

Burmese Oolong Tea №17 (Roanji, Ruan Zhiu) #AAA, 2200m

Growing Region: Myanmar (Burma), 2200 meters. Hand-picked high mountain oolong.

Appearance: Lightly roasted, lightly fermented, hemisphere-shaped. Look at the photos - the leaves are irreproachably rolled. Steeped tea is also worth admiring.

Taste and Aroma: Dry leaves aroma is intense. Flavor is sweet and floral with savour of berries. It becomes more intense in the warmed gaiwan. Rinsed tea aroma has notes of raspberry and apples and thus reminds me of Da Yu Ling oolong from Taiwan.

The liquor possessed a light, subtle foreground taste, caramel and floral in flavour. The tea reveals wide taste spectrum in foreground, here is creamy floral-berry wave with tones of safflower and chrysanthemum. By the fourth-fifth brew sugar sweetness appears on the back of the tongue. Caramel taste becomes stronger and you start to feel mellow milk flavour.

Probably, there is no need to say that this oolong confidently holds seven steepings, then I usually stop do not check. But it is certainly worth mentioning how beautiful changing the tea taste from first to subsequent infusions, delighting with new tones. Steeped leaves smells raspberry caramel and apples.

There are more sweet oolong teas in our tea-shop but the tea with such a deep taste is quite a rarity. Let me save your time and recommend you two more oolongs of the same strength from my collection: Si Ji Chun Oolong Tea #AAA and Roanji Oolong Tea No.17 #AA

Valerii Levitanus

To purchase Burmese Oolong Tea №17 or any other tea wholesale, please, contact us.

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